ATOM RPG - APK OBB (Highly Compressed 200 MB files) For Android

ATOM RPG - APK OBB (Highly Compressed 200 MB files) For Android

ATOM RPG - APK OBB For Android
ATOM RPG - APK OBB For Android
In 1986 both the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc had been destroyed in mutual bombings which are nuclear. You are among the survivors with this conflict that is damaging.
Your mission - to explore the crazy and world that is wondrous of Soviet Wasteland. To earn your place under the sun. To investigate a conspiracy that is shadowy aimed at destroying all that is left of life on Earth. When your character has been created you're going to be popped into a totally optional guide where you can learn the mechanics of this game by exploring a base that is military. As soon as you've let, nonetheless, the overall game will quite happily keep you to fend on your own. Atom RPG just isn't one for hand-holding. Here's post-apocalyptic Russia, please go and explore by yourself.

Atom RPG caused more than a ripple of excitement when its Kickstarter began ahead of the game's ultimate launch in 2018. Since Bethesda began moving the Fallout franchise further away from its roots which are CRPG regarding the genre had been clamouring for more games to fill that void. Because Wasteland 2 evidently wasn't sufficient on its very own, the people required more.Now, the game has made its means over to mobile, boasting a 60 plus hour experience it certainly seems like a no-brainer then, specially if you're an ardent follower associated with CRPG genre that one can carry around in your pocket for just $5. in some recoverable format. And those social individuals are pretty much totally who this game is for. It's certainly perhaps not going to improve your mind in the event that you've not enjoyed the genre before.The game begins by having a character customisation display that is pleasingly substantial. Well, for the stats anyway, your character's appearance are totally chosen by the portrait that you choose so there's little personalisation to there be found. But there is a whole lot of build potential within the character creator with a plethora of skills to select from such as for example lock picking, various gun kinds, speechcraft to talk your path away from trouble and so forth.
- a character that is powerful tool, targeted at making the wasteland hero you want to portray;
- a roleplaying system that is balanced. Each stat combination provides a gaming that is unique, unique dialogues, and new ways to resolve some quests;
- lots of skills, from lockpicking to gambling;
- Many hours of gameplay on a wide range of locations. Fulfill the other survivors in a courageous new settlement, built through the remains of the globe that is old. Venture to the wilds, where mutants and bandits lurk. Exercise the secrets of an old bunker that is military. Or simply lose your self, fishing at a pond that is scenic
- Turn-based combat, inspired by classic RPG’s of the nineties;
- Random encounters with the dwellers associated with the Wasteland that is soviet friendly and dangerous. Often all during the time that is same
- Many deep, multiple-choice dialogues that feel like genuine conversations with the unique NPCs associated with game;
- Nonlinear gameplay! Lots of quests, some with alternative solutions. Enjoy the game as if you want to!

How to Install?
1:Download APK file from below links
2:Download OBB file from below links
3:Install APK file (Don't open it)
4:extract zip file (Click here to know how to unzip archive files)
5:copy and paste 'com.atomrpg' folder to Android/OBB/ folder
6:Open the App
To install the App, you have to go to the settings of the smartphone and click on the security option, then enable unknown sources.
APK File Information:
File name  ATOM RPG 
version 1.17.2
Uploaded September 8,2020
File size
APK      :24.5 MB
OBB     : 3.15 GB
Minimum Requirement Android 5.0 and Up

Download ATOM RPG - APK OBB For Android  

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Download Atom RPG OBB 200 MB highly Compressed Part file

How to download and extract Part file Archives ?

1-Go to below link and download all 15 files
2-Move all 15 files into 1 folder
3-Open 'Atom-RPG-v1-17-2-OBB-[].zip' file 
4-Extract the  'com.atomrpg' - OBB folder to Android/OBB/ folder

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