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Appglaze is   designed to act as a good starting point for anyone wishing to learn more about Mobile,PC, Apps,Games,Softwares whether you are a apple user or android user. Here we'll provide you with a light, high level overview of smartphones Apps and PC Softwares,Games,Tools  and the philosophy behind them. You can surf here and find out useful stuff for your smartphone . In this site you can find  both paid apps and free apps Download links too.
There are lots of common issues in smartphones. Most of the problems are very simple to fix .But almost everyone consider to change their phone or sometime consult a technician .
Main problems causing  most of samrtphones
Battery Issues
Keeping apps running when you are not using them could drain your battery and also cause your smartphone to become so slow. Therefore, we'd recommend you to close down apps after use
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Performance Bugs
We've noticed quite a number of times when some crazy applications can put a high demand on the processor, so make sure to check application requirements before installing anything.
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Switch off Unnecessary Connectivity Functions
Devices may have got hell lot of features, but we hardly use them altogether? So, it's always better to switch off any unnecessary connectivity features when you are not using them, such as Bluetooth, NFC, 3G Data and Wi-Fi to save your battery life.
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