TeraCopy Pro file transfer utility For Windows

TeraCopy Pro file transfer utility For Windows

Download TeraCopy Pro file transfer utility For Windows

TeraCopy Pro may be a Premium file transfer utility designed as an alternate for the built-in Windows Explorer file transfer feature. Its focus is data integrity, file transfer reliability and therefore the ability to pause or resume file transfers.
TeraCopy Pro uses dynamically adjusted buffers to scale back seek times. Asynchronous copy accelerates file transfer between two physical hard drives. The processes are often paused or resumed.

In case of transfer errors, TeraCopy Pro will try several times; then , it skips the faulty file and proceeds with the remainder of the operation. TeraCopy Pro also shows failed file transfers and allows the user to repair the matter and recopy the problematic files. TeraCopy Pro offers no explanation for skipped files; it simply reports them as "Skipped". it's going to skip copying for varied reasons that the user could correct if they were known, like a too-long file name.

TeraCopy Pro can replace Windows Explorer's copy and move functions. The author asserts that it's full Unicode support

File verification
TeraCopy can verify files after they need been copied to make sure that they're identical. this is often done by comparing hashes of source and target files.

Supported algorithms: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD, Whirlpool and xxHash.

Be on top of things 
In case of a replica error TeraCopy will attempt to recover. If unable to recover within the worst case scenario it'll simply skip the problematic file, not terminating the whole transfer. It also can await network or device reconnection.

Unnecessary files are often skipped to scale back the transfer time. During the method , TeraCopy shows detected errors, and allows you to repair the matter by recopying only the problematic files.

Confirm drag'n'drop
TeraCopy can optionally show a confirmation dialog on every drag and drop operation. It can prevent you from moving folders accidentally from one location to a different .

Faster workflow
TeraCopy can keep history of recently used directories, also as show folders which are open in Explorer and other file managers.
File Information:
File name TeraCopy Pro
version 3.6
Uploaded June 20,2021
File size7.08 MB
Minimum Requirement windows 7  All versions

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