Sleep Cycle Premium - Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock APK For Android

Sleep Cycle Premium - Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock APK For Android

Sleep Cycle Premium - Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock APK For Android
Sleep Cycle Premium - Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock APK For Android

Relax, rest better and get up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle, the alarm clock that is smart. Track sleep from bedtime to morning, and obtain analysis that is detailed the software that makes waking up into the morning exactly that bit easier.

Track sleep making use of your phone and begin every day feeling energized with your alarm that is intelligent clock sleep tracker. Its unique design only wakes you up while you’re in your sleep that is light phase. Plus, you’ll get detailed reports as Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep habits, from bedtime until you're waking up. Today Track sleep and make use of the info to greatly help you sleep better!

⏰ Waking up made effortless - 5 reasons love that is you’ll Cycle:

1. rest better with a wake that is gentle call - Sleep Cycle’s alarm clock wakes you up while you’re in light sleep and is an all-natural way to begin your day.
2. Relax at bedtime and track rest effortlessly - read about detailed analysis to your rest patterns.
3. A sleep tracker with an improvement - There’s no phone under your pillow, you can track sleep by placing your device regarding the nightstand or nearby on to the floor.
4. Your health comes first - Your sleep data and reports will help you feel inside that is great out.
5. Sleep better - Relax and let Sleep Cycle analyse your light sleep, deep sleep and health that is general.

The body that is human reaches a certain limit during work, and we'll often be mentally and physically exhausted. Nevertheless the means that is best to restore the body is to sleep, a nights good sleep is the greatest medicine for the body. Numerous people do not get sleep that is enough feel uncomfortable using their sleep, which often contributes to many bad outcomes for the human body. Moreover, we usually have to sleep on time and not wake up too late to really make the body feel energetic and reach the level that is optimum. And Sleep Cycle will likely to be the software that is better to help users get top sleep they’ve ever had. The application also monitors the user’s sleep procedure and advises them to truly have the sleep that is best.

Sleep Cycle uses an interface built to be easy and user friendly to help them have the user experience that is most readily useful. It also combines with basic colors, is really a combination of classical and art that is modern give users a fresh feeling of use. The application has an screen divided into numerous various categories, and the home page is the place that is perfect for users to track their state of sleep. The user as the application is active, the remaining categories will begin working, and they will be a far more detailed analysis with snore intensity or other items. The first thing that makes users impressed with this particular application just isn't as a result of its features, but alternatively the greatly designed interface and offering users a experience that is completely new.

Sleep Cycle includes a way that is special track the user’s sleep, which is to record although the user is sleeping. Moreover, the application form will continue to work in the background and consume very little battery of the product and can maintain for a time that is very long. Of course, to get the most report that is accurate users need to provide personal information about their activities before sleeping. The application will depend on user reports to give the strategy that is better to greatly help users have the best sleep. The recording feature will assess the intensity of a user’s snore, which will be included in the list and analysis any illnesses or problems an individual has. The application form was developed in combination with many wellness scientists, in addition they can figure out a user’s health through snore.

The application will have an alarm that is different from the regular in the event that user sets the security. Yes, the app uses the most likely alarm tones to allow users wake up comfortably to start every day that is new. The alarm of the application will endure for a time that is very long and it will not stop until the consumer finishes it. Interestingly, the security sound shall get louder if the user sleeps too much time, which is a necessity to force an individual to awaken.

Sleep Cycle has numerous other attractive features to assist users have a good sleep, and it'll introduce the sleeping posture that is most beneficial and sleeping environment according to the user’s condition. This application was developed to provide users a healthy body, also it will start because of the sleep that is best to help the state of the body to recuperate.

Relax with a good night’s sleep that will do wonders for your health.
Download Sleep Cycle today - waking up in the morning has never been easier!
 Sleep Cycle Free features
-Sleep analysis with Sleep Cycle patented sound technology, or accelerometer
-Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs
-Carefully selected alarm melodies
-Snooze by shaking or double tapping the phone lightly
-Customizable wake-up window. From instant (regular alarm clock), up to 90 minutes

 Sleep Cycle Premium features
-Longterm sleep tracker trends
-Compare your sleep data to world sleep statistics • Snore trends - view historical snore trends data
-Sleep aid - helps you fall asleep easier
-Sleep notes - see how events such as drinking coffee, stress, working out, or eating late affect your sleep quality
-Wake up mood - see how Sleep Cycle affects your wake up mood
-Online backup - lets you secure your sleep data online
-Export sleep data to Excel for detailed analysis

Ability to charge your phone by the bed.
Ability to place your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or on the floor.

To install the App, you have to go to the settings of the smartphone and click on the security option, then enable unknown sources.
APK File Information:
File name Sleep Cycle Premium
Uploaded August 30,2020
File size
APK        : 123 MB
Minimum Requirement Android 6.0 and Up
mod info:
Premium features unlocked.
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services.
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.

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