QuickEdit Text Editor Pro – Writer & Code Editor 1.6.6 APK For Android

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro – Writer & Code Editor 1.6.6 APK For Android

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro – Writer & Code Editor APK For Android
QuickEdit Text Editor Pro – Writer & Code Editor APK For Android
QuickEdit is a fast, full and stable featured text editor on Android devices. It is optimized for both tablet and phone.
QuickEdit Text Editor includes a complete lot of optimization on performance and user experience, the speed and feedback is much better than published text editor apps on Google Play. You can use it as text code or editor editor for normal text files and programming files.

Coders are doing one of the hottest jobs right now. Because this era is the era of information technology where everything is influenced by technology and machines. This profession is the creation of souls for machines that enable them to function according to preferences that are human. An application supporting programmers is absolutely worth it because of such a great influence.

Before, you had to use your computer to start coding and code that is writing. It is the most tool that is powerful you to do this. However, at the time that is present smartphones are already very powerful. Almost just a Bluetooth keyboard is needed, the smartphone can become a laptop that is handy. QuickEdit is an application that allows you to work with the code that is dated your smartphone as easily and quickly as if you were working with a computer.

This is obvious because in order to serve the needs of most programmers, QuickEdit will have to serve a complete lot of different platforms. With naming, it is certain that this application will give priority to making it possible for users to edit their code quickly. The syntaxes that are available the most useful ones for them. They just need to access the available syntax repository and then copy a line and put it in the code that is existing. Then they just need to fix a little bit if something is still not correct. This convenience allows one to respond to the needs of the customer immediately. Speed ​​and credibility are key to these developers making more money than others.

For programmers, they are extremely good at technology. An eye-catching interface is not required for this type of person. “QuickEdit” is an application for the work so its publisher has optimized everything. Accessing this application screen and you shall quickly see that it sounds like a Web browser is being edited. Because of this familiarity, programmers can manipulate it without quickly any problems.

In addition, the actions like you are using a computer mouse that you do on the screen will be carefully calculated to be able to interact exactly. The scrolling horizontally or vertically is extremely agile and matches finger movements. Once you find the code to just edit hold the screen and it will immediately stop. Touch the screen, the bottom will jump up a keyboard to help you repair and type. The paste and copy tool in this application is also added for added flexibility. And to be sure that there will not be any mistakes, you have to touch a icon that is pen-shaped the top of the screen. It wrong, you can undo, redo, … these movements have no limits if you do. This means that even with this command if you make a mistake a few hundred lines long, you can still correct it.

QuickEdit lets you read and edit a file made up of over 10,000 lines of code. Thanks to this, you can work with all the documents you receive from your client. Quickly find and fix errors right on your smartphone. In addition, it has feedback that is real-time that allows users to easily track how their customers respond to these modifications. You will continue to fix it if they are still not satisfied, there will be immediate feedback and.

It is very unlikely that one program can function independently without being affected by another program. This means that if a program fails, it will lead to many consequences in the programs that are related. During the editing process, you need to work with a complete lot of such things. Multi-tabs in is a feature that lets you open multiple programs at the same time them simultaneously so you can edit. For example, in a neighboring program if you find an error in this program, you can immediately correct it. Remember, after you’ve fixed a error that is certain save everything. Make it a habit to regularly save documents every minutes that are few. Then all the data would be stored if something happened.

QuickEdit Pro Features

- Enhanced notepad application with numerous improvements.
- Code editor and syntax highlight for 50+ languages (C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Markdown, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Smali, Swift, etc).
- High performance with no lag, even on large text files (more than 10,000 lines).
- Easily navigate between multiple open tabs.
- Show or hide line numbers.
- Undo and redo changes without limit.
- Display, increase, or decrease line indentations.
- Fast selecting and editing abilities.
- Physical keyboard support, including key combinations.
- Smooth scrolling both vertically and horizontally.
- Directly target any specified line number.
- Quickly search and replace content.
- Easily input hex color values.
- Automatically detect charset and encoding.
- Automatically indent new lines.
- Various fonts and sizes.
- Preview HTML, CSS, and markdown files.
- Open files from recently opened or added file collections.
- Ability to edit system files on rooted devices.
- Access files from FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
- Supports both light and dark themes.
- Optimized usage for phones and tablets.
- Ad-free version.
To install the App, you have to go to the settings of the smartphone and click on the security option, then enable unknown sources.
APK File Information:
File name   QuickEdit Text Editor Pro
version 1.6.6
Uploaded August 27,2020
File size
APK        : 2.93  MB
Minimum Requirement Android 4.1 and Up

Download QuickEdit Text Editor Pro – Writer & Code Editor 1.6.0 Apk 

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