The game Bright Paw may be a newly released game featuring cats and quizzes to bring the challenge. Players coming to the sport will experience things that haven't been seen before a few cat’s journey. Because the sport is combined with puzzles, there'll puzzle within the game to challenge the player.
Bright Paw apk
The setting of the sport is about within the future, where people have used robots to serve work. during this world, technology is hugely developed, with many new things being born, especially robots, to support humans. Now the robot isn't only utilized in industry, but it's also brought bent do tons of other functions like protection, service, and more. But when technology becomes so ubiquitous, it's not entirely good, because it's just a human-made product. Players will play the role of a cat raised during a wealthy house and strictly guarded with robots. they're the simplest defenders of the owner of this place, but one fateful night, everything changes, the owner of the home is killed. Players within the role of a cat will have the task of rescuing other members of the family. But the foremost important thing is to seek out out why this happened, what caused the owner of this house to die?

In the game, many stages are presented to challenge players through stages. Each game are going to be a challenge with a special question waiting to be answered. Each stage are going to be divided into several locations on the map for the cat to maneuver on. The player’s task is to regulate the cat to the last point marked on the map to travel to a different stage. Although very simple, you're doing so are going to be a challenging process. At rock bottom are going to be the steps to settle on and control the cat, there'll be many various choices, but just one is true . If you would like to travel to the destination, you'll need to combine many other steps to make an entire sequence. the chosen order must be correct as if one move is wrong; the player will need to start over.

Not only those sentences but also within the game, there are obstacles placed on the thanks to stop the cat. There are some ways to beat these obstacles, but just one of them is correct. If the player makes a double decision, it'll entail tons of consequences and including being killed or not enough moves to finish the sport . Not only obstacles, but within the game, some pitfalls were initially wont to protect the house but now become things that stop you.

The most common thing within the game is laser fences which will stop anything that passes through it. So the way to overcome this challenge? Fortunately, after the intrusion happened , the wall was so severely damaged that there'll be times when it doesn’t work; it’s time to cross. Besides, the destroyed robots also are a huge threat to the player, because if you get caught, you'll lose.

Note: To install the App, you have to go to the settings of the smartphone and click on the security option, then enable unknown sources.
APK File Information:
File name  Bright Paw
version 1.0.12 
Uploaded September 24,2020
File size
APK        : 728 MB
Minimum Requirement Android 7.0 and Up

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