She Sees Red Interactive Movie - ipa For Apple

She Sees Red Interactive Movie - ipa For Apple

She Sees Red is a crime thriller for iOS. In this game, the storyline will depend entirely on your decisions. The choice of the viewer affects the development of events and, of course, the final. You have to solve a complicated business and find out who and why committed the murder in a nightclub. The case was handed over to an investigator who grabs every piece of evidence wherever she leads She Sees Red Interactive Movie is suitable for anyone who loves detective games with an investigation, thrillers and unusual storytelling.

Unexpected plot twists and your personal choice of story!
Make decisions. Change the narrative. Become a detective. Experience multiple endings and inhabit the mind of a killer in the blood-red interactive movie She Sees Red. Your investigation starts now!

Features She Sees Red:
Exciting plot and non-linear narrative
Interactive stories differ when re-passing
Adult cinema: crime, drama and detective story!
Professional actors, montage, light, sound and design.
She Sees Red is a criminal interactive game and a hard-boiled murder mystery. Challenge your decision-making skills, choose your own path, find the murderer.
• Gripping, mature game/film with a non-linear narrative
• Story elements can be experienced by making meaningful choices along the way
• Four possible crime solving endings based on your choices!
• Professional actors, editing, lighting, and sound design make She Sees Red a unique interactive movie!
• Stories with deep and intriguing twists

She Sees Red is a dramatic choice-based game and a gripping thriller with murder in a nightclub, smart detective solving the case, and allusions to organized crime. Enjoy interesting and mysterious narrative - make decisions as the killer to see what the investigation finds out. Investigators may turn out to be much more clever than you give them credit for, and our lady detective is no exception. Visit the crime scene again, make your choices to discover new crime details, and make sure you do whatever you can to find out what really happened!

How to install IPA?

You need to jailbreak your iDevice to install the ipa
download 3uTools to install ipa files using PC

IPA File Information:
File name She Sees Red Interactive Movie
version 1.3
Uploaded June 27,2020
File size2.03 GB
Compatibility Requires iOS 9.3 and later.
 Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 
Apple TV

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