7Days - Decide your story - APK (Full/Paid) For Android

7Days - Decide your story - APK (Full/Paid) For Android

7Days - Decide your story - APK (Full/Paid) For Android
7Days - Decide your story - APK (Full/Paid) For Android

7Days - Decide your story - text adventure in which the player expects a great deal of fascinating tasks that have to go along with the character that is main the name of Kirill. The gameplay the following is a message that is chat. The messages should be read by the user from different characters while making decisions. All of them need effects, so the gamer has to think about every move, as after any action the narrative will soon be rotated in the other direction and go to a specific result that is final.

The fear that is terrible of is death. Every being that is human die when they are old or even for some reason affected. Nevertheless they might have to “return to planet someday. if they existed in the world,” This unalterable law that is natural so frightening and imaginative that the horrors of death and even monstrous creatures from it. A location called hell is where people that are many. Are you wanting to once visit it?

The answer is probably no, no one wants to die. But what that you are dead if you wake up after sleep and face the actual fact? Destiny leads one to confront the horror that is many – Death. 7Days – Decide your story is a brand product that is new of Studio Co., Ltd has just launched in recent days with all the quantity of individuals interested a lot. Their goal is to build the indie games that are well by themselves and slowly break all the limits, turning them into AAA games.

The tale is a text adventure game, therefore the whole story is really what makes it so essential. Every thing shall be led gradually through situations through the simplest to your many complex. Players will never be intimidated by the appearances which can be ghostly appear on the display. Every thing is presented through the message flow. This involves players in order to read, the capability to feel circumstances which can be good. Players then immediately realize the situation they are in and feel fear.

Death is not the finish but quite simply a start that is new. Kirell is a girl that is dead now wakes up from rest and knows this woman is not alive. But things have actually not ended along with her but rather open a adventure that is new more dangerous than before. Surprisingly, a note is gotten by her from Charon – the death god of the world of the dead.

7Days – Decide your tale operates under a system that is significantly new it'll have to spend seven days, messaging with Death through the device. The tale will slowly unfold, and the quest to find the last chance for the protagonist to live will rely on your decision to text with that god that is powerful. In this test, there are several Souls selected with you to fight together to overcome the missions. But for you, the way in which that is only survive is destroy all the others. Are you going to use your intelligence to mislead the dead or obey her orders and live again? All of your options are through these messages. Your choice shall change the fate associated with girl.

Unique options that come with 1 week! Mystery Puzzle Interactive Novel Tale
- Graphic Novel-style artwork with stunning graphics
- Storyline that changes according to your alternatives
- Various achievements and challenges that are concealed
- numerous endings based on different choices of choice maker
- Interactive text story featuring expressions, charts and story options
- Solve secret into the storyline games and discover new endings
- Mind-based, choice generating game that needs lots of focus
- Use your intellect to ace the fiction that is interactive based games
To install the App, you have to go to the settings of the smartphone and click on the security option, then enable unknown sources.

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version 2.4.10
Uploaded September 9,2020
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Android 4.1 and Up

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