Nova Launcher replaces one you control to your home display screen and can personalize. Change icon themes, colors, designs, animations and more.

Increasingly, phone in paradise plays a task that is big people’s everyday lives. So it also needs an appearance that reflects the owner’s design. The phone’s screen now and its animations are on the list of things that many demonstrably show the user’s uniqueness that is own. For many, they normally use phone backgrounds to set them apart from others. But that’s not enough, a launcher is what makes your phone so personal. Nova Launcher is named the absolute most product that is used this field. Until now, it still received the trust of many people. Nova Launcher Prime is a paid version of that app with some extra premium that is unlocked.

Each device comes with a launcher for users in order to communicate with their devices. This is a protocol that straight impacts users’ experience with their products. The synchronization shall make the phones easier to manage. The publisher of the phone will begin to recognize it if there is a problem with the unit. However, people who have strong personalities don’t like this. They always want me to use products that are unique. Nova Launcher Prime offers features being advanced allow users to easily upgrade home screens. This app is always the proper choice whether you wish to entirely overhaul your house screens, or simply just need a cleaner, faster home launcher.

For cell phone users therefore far, all of them want to alter the default icons. This makes their phone more unique. This was very difficult, as themes must be downloaded individually and also difficult to install into the past. “Nova Launcher Prime” to assist users maximize every thing. You just need to download this app and apply the theme icon to your device. These themes can be obtained directly on Google Play and the App Gallery. You'll find valuable resources anywhere you visit. It's updated and varied daily which means you are free to make use of it. Each theme you have downloaded to your device will forever be saved. It apply, if perhaps not, delete it and apply the latest one when you'll need to leave.

Currently, people utilize their smartphones almost all day. An individual often gets tired of the eyes with such frequency. At, this effect is increased night. So they need regimes to protect their eyes. Night Mode may be the most phrase that is searched creating attention protection solutions. Nova Launcher Prime allows users to create a interval that is certain. This mode will soon be automatically started for example, around 6 pm. Or if you want less light from your phone, install Dark Theme. It's going to help in customizing everything on your own smartphone to achieve the level that is perfect of protection. Users can be assured to install it and comfortably use it.

A lot of people are interested in in addition to changing the design and feel of the phone’s interactive effects, it is also something. The vertical or scroll that is horizontal be uniquely transformed by Nova Launcher Prime. These results are significantly more fancy and complex compared to default. However, with the charged power of the app, they nevertheless function smoothly without lagging problem. Generally speaking, when your device has a quantity that is stable of, it won't ever have too big dilemmas. Generally speaking, with mid-range devices at the time that is present you are able to get this application work well. For the Prime variation, users also can produce custom tabs easily or folders in the app drawer. This update permits you to get an feel that is ultra-organized Just like this revolutionary product is made for you.

If the device’s is believed by you Positioning is simply too boring and want every thing to prepare your way, Subgrid Positioning will help with this. With this particular feature, you can comfortably snap icons and widgets in between grid cells. When working with it, you're feeling comfortable whenever every thing is arranged in a layout just like you want. The icons displayed in the screen can slightly be arranged apart for easier viewing by the elderly. In addition, it additionally works quickly and smoothly. This function supports older phones, rendering it run more smoothly.

To install the App, you have to go to the settings of the smartphone and click on the security option, then enable unknown sources.
APK File Information:
File name  Nova Launcher Prime
version 6.2.14
Uploaded September 9,2020
File size
APK        : 10.4 MB
Minimum Requirement Android 5.0 and Up

Download Nova Launcher Prime - 6.2.14 (pixel+tesla) For Android 

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This is patched version, fully unlocked prime functions. No prime key is required.
If your device comes with Nova Launcher you’ll have to remove it before installing this

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